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Some companies’ negligent actions impact more than one or two people. A negligent or reckless business might commit acts that injure hundreds or thousands of people simultaneously and similarly. Without skilled legal representation, individuals in this class of injury victims can find themselves left out of any recovery award there may be.

In these mass tort cases, you need an attorney who appreciates the unique challenges and opportunities for compensation that such cases offer. At Seay/Felton, LLC Trial Lawyers, our seasoned team has the experience and resources necessary for mass tort lawsuits in Georgia. Contact us to schedule your consultation today.

Examples of Mass Tort Cases

A mass tort is an act of negligence or carelessness that impacts a large number of people in a similar way. Not all victims are affected at once, but there are sufficient similarities between each victim’s harm that it is clear the same event or act caused them. A few common examples of mass torts that can impact Georgia residents include:

Dangerous Products and Product Liability

If a company decides to manufacture a product, it cannot ignore the dangerous characteristics of the product. Such companies must either find a way to make the product safer for consumers or affix adequate warnings and instructions to the product so that it can be used safely.

Either course of action takes time and money, and some companies choose not to do anything to protect consumers in the name of making a quick dollar. Products that are dangerous due to a defect or inadequate labeling may be recalled and lead to a mass tort lawsuit.

Damage to the Environment

Chemical hazards are just one of the environmental hazards that the Georgia Department of Public Health identifies and monitors. Companies that manufacture chemicals that can harm the environment can injure hundreds or thousands of people if those chemicals are not properly stored and transported.

In the same way, some companies produce toxic waste as part of their operations. A failure to dispose of these byproducts safely and responsibly can contaminate local water supplies, crops, or the air. This, in turn, can lead to short- and long-term health complications for those affected.

Data Breaches and Informational Security

Hacks and cyberattacks are commonplace, but this does not excuse companies that store consumer data from taking reasonable measures to protect that data. Failing to do so puts private individuals’ financial accounts, medical data, and other personal information at risk of being exploited.

Once this sensitive information is in the hands of hackers, a person’s identity may be compromised. Individuals can open fraudulent accounts in the person’s name, make unlawful property transfers, or hold the data for ransom. Untangling the mess of a data breach can take weeks or months of intensive efforts by the individuals affected.

Violations of State or Federal Consumer Laws

Consumer protection laws serve to protect private individuals from predatory and unfair business practices. These laws can require businesses to refrain from collecting debts in an abusive manner, plainly disclose financing terms, and inform customers of what data about them the business collects and what it does with such data.

Violations of these laws are often punished by statutory damages and penalties. This alleviates consumers from having to show they suffered any actual harm. Instead, the mere fact that a business violated the law is sufficient to entitle the consumer to the damages allowed for in the law.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mass Tort Actions

When numerous people have been hurt similarly, they may come together and pursue compensation through a class action lawsuit.

This presents both advantages and disadvantages for you as an injury victim. The Georgia mass tort lawyers at Seay/Felton, LLC Trial Lawyers are familiar with these elements and can help you decide how to proceed.

On the one hand, a class action lawsuit represents an opportunity for you to recover compensation without having to expend much, if any, effort. A few class members file and pursue a resolution for the entire class. Often, all that is required of you as a class member is to prove that you were injured or are otherwise entitled to participate.

However, the main disadvantage of a class action suit is that the number of class members dilutes any compensation you receive. The more class members there are, the smaller your recovery typically is. You may not receive nearly enough compensation for the harm you suffered.

If you do not exclude yourself from the class by the deadline, you lose your ability to pursue an individual claim. Your lawyer can help you determine your best path forward.

Get Help From an Experienced Georgia Mass Tort Lawyer

If a company’s negligent or reckless decisions have harmed you, turn to Seay/Felton, LLC Trial Lawyers for trusted legal guidance on your next steps. With deep ties to Georgia, our skilled team is committed to the recovery and well-being of our clients. If we don’t secure a win for you, you owe us no fee.

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