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Compassionate Dog Bite Attorneys Seeking Justice on Your Behalf

Dogs have a long-standing reputation as “man’s best friend” for their loyalty and kindness. Some dogs, however, have the capacity to be aggressive instead.

When you experience a traumatic dog bite incident, it is vital to seek legal assistance right away. A dog bite can be costly, requiring extensive medical care and time off from work. Pursuing fair compensation can help end your financial struggles and give you peace of mind.

The personal injury team at Seay/Felton, LLC Trial Lawyers has helped dog bite victims throughout Atlanta, Georgia. Contact us today to meet with an experienced dog bite attorney to discuss your case.

Dog Breeds Most Likely to Cause Injury

Any dog can attack, but a few breeds have reputations for being more aggressive than others. Among these, Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, and Dobermans are high on the list. 

Also on the list of dangerous dog breeds are German Shepherds, which happens to be one of the most popular dog breeds in the state of Georgia. For this reason, you’ll likely encounter German Shepherds in Atlanta and other parts of the state. 

Dogs attack for several reasons, often due to improper training or positive reinforcement of aggressive behaviors. Regardless of the reason, if you’re injured by another’s dog, you may have the right to pursue compensation.

Complications Related to Dog Bite Injuries

A dog attack doesn’t just end with a simple bite. Based on the specifics of your incident, you may actually face much more substantial physical harm with the potential for lasting effects.

Along with puncture wounds from a dog’s bite, some of the other common injuries dog attack victims suffer include:

  • Cuts and scrapes
  • Sprains and strains
  • Facial injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Head injuries
  • Back injuries

Serious injuries often need greater medical attention, and significant injuries can endanger your health and leave you with permanent consequences.

Most commonly, dog bite injuries can lead to infections, especially if injuries go untreated for some time. This is one of the reasons it’s critical to seek medical attention right away after a dog attack.

Furthermore, some dog bite injuries can leave victims with chronic pain, nerve damage, and scarring and disfigurement. The effects of a dog attack can affect you into the future, impacting your lifestyle, work, and social life.

Along with a long road to recovery, your finances may also take a hit as a result of costly medical treatment. Georgia is one of the worst states for dog bites, with dog bite injuries costing a total of $15 million in a recent year. The financial impact of dog bite injuries makes the pursuit of compensation even more important and necessary. 

What to Do After Suffering Dog Bite Injuries in Georgia

Immediately after a dog attack, assess your injuries and seek medical attention. If your injuries are particularly serious, call 911 for emergency medical services. Take photos and videos, and speak to any witnesses. Get the dog owner or caretaker’s information, if possible. 

While it may not be necessary to call the police or report your dog bite to your local animal control, it could assist with your future claim. Therefore, make sure to either request law enforcement assistance at the scene or submit a report to animal control following your dog bite. 

In the days after your dog bite, keep up with any follow-up medical care appointments to help ensure your injuries do not worsen. Schedule a consultation with a dog bite attorney to discuss your incident and get advice and guidance regarding your case as well. 

Pursuing Compensation for Your Dog Bite Incident

Among the many details your dog bite lawyer can assist with, they can determine whether compensation could be available for your injuries. This depends on the specifics of your situation.

If the dog attack happened at someone’s home, you may have the opportunity to file a claim under the dog owner’s homeowners or renters insurance. Dealing with insurance companies can be particularly challenging, but personal injury attorneys have the experience, skills, and tools to communicate and negotiate on your behalf.

Alternatively, filing a personal injury claim may give you the best chance of obtaining financial recovery for your injuries. This is often the right option if the dog owner does not have insurance or the incident occurred outside the home. You may also file a lawsuit in the event the insurance company fails to successfully settle. 

You can rely on your dog bite lawyer to do what is most beneficial for you and your claim. The road to monetary recovery can be long and winding, but a knowledgeable attorney can get you there.

Our Dog Bite Attorneys Can Guide You Every Step of the Way

Suffering injuries in a dog attack can be emotional, stressful, and overwhelming. You may have no idea where to begin or even what rights you have under Georgia law. Fortunately, a local dog bite attorney can be your best ally — you don’t have to handle your case alone.

The team at Seay/Felton, LLC Trial Lawyers has over five decades of combined experience representing clients injured by others’ negligence. Throughout our years in practice, we’ve proudly recovered millions of dollars for our clients. 

If you’ve suffered a dog bite injury in Atlanta, Macon, or the surrounding Georgia communities, contact our firm to schedule your free consultation today.

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