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Pedestrian Accident in Atlanta, GA

When two cars collide, even at relatively high speeds, the occupants of those cars are reasonably safe. Passenger vehicles of similar sizes spread the damage pretty evenly, and most cars have a suite of safety features that prioritize the health of the occupants over the car.

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said when a car and a pedestrian collide. The average car weighs about two tons and can move much faster than a pedestrian. This difference in weight and speed causes catastrophic injuries to the pedestrian in almost all accidents.

If you or a loved one suffers a catastrophic injury in a pedestrian accident, you may feel overwhelmed with hospital bills, insurance red tape, and recovery. At Seay/Felton LLC Trial Attorneys, we help people like you get the compensation they need with as little hassle as possible. Contact us today to learn more.

How Seay/Felton LLC Trial Attorneys Help

Most people don’t realize that victims of accidents only have two years to file a personal injury lawsuit in Georgia. If you wait longer than that, your case will typically be dismissed unless one of a few exceptions apply.

That may seem like a long time, but it can pass in the blink of an eye if you have suffered a catastrophic injury. The recovery time for catastrophic injuries is often measured in decades. And the first few years are the most painful and difficult part of that recovery.

Many people miss the deadline because they are too focused on recovery to take legal action. With one of our pedestrian accident attorneys representing you, that deadline will never be missed.

We handle every aspect of your case while you focus on recovery. Our lawyers understand your condition and know that the last thing you need is stress or bureaucracy.

Getting Started

At Seay/Felton LLC Trial Attorneys, we have a passionate devotion to our community. We want to get you as much compensation as the law allows. And the best way to get started is to act quickly once you retain us.

Our attorneys will examine your case from every angle. Our results prove that creative approaches to catastrophic injury lawsuits are most likely to get results. So we look at every legal angle and try to find the best way to tackle your case, even if it isn’t a traditional approach.

While you heal, our lawyers will collect as much evidence as possible to support your claim. And even though we will keep you informed, we’ll do our best to use as little of your time as possible. That lets you focus on recovering from your injuries.

When we do need to talk, we’ll use whatever form of communication is most convenient for you. We’ll even visit you in the hospital or at home if you can’t safely move. That is the least we can do to help our community.

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Obtaining Compensation

Typically, we recover compensation through negotiated settlements. This may not always get you the most money possible, but it gets you the money quickly when you need it most. And due to our experience with these types of cases, we will never settle for less than a fair amount of money.

How much can a settlement be worth? That depends on the case. We regularly get multi-million dollar settlements and recently obtained a $20 million settlement. Settling a case doesn’t mean you are settling for less than you deserve.

But just because we usually settle doesn’t mean we can’t handle a trial. The reason we consistently get such high awards is that insurance companies know the quality of our trial work. Our attorneys have over 50 years of combined experience and have successfully won seven-digit verdicts at trial.

Pedestrians and Fault

One of the main advantages you will have in a pedestrian injury claim is that pedestrians are rarely at fault in accidents. The driver of a car has a greater duty of care than pedestrians. This means they are usually over 50% at fault in a pedestrian accident.

This particularly matters in Georgia, where a party who is 50% or more at fault can’t sue other parties. It also matters because your percentage of fault is deducted from any awards you receive.

Thankfully, even when pedestrians violate the law, they are likely only partially responsible for the injuries they suffer. Jaywalking, for example, usually won’t result in a pedestrian being 50% responsible. Only blatantly dangerous actions like jumping in front of a car without warning usually make it impossible to get compensation.

The insurance company will try to push the blame on you, but our attorneys are adept at proving otherwise. And in the rare situation where we can’t get you compensation, we won’t charge you for our services.

Proven Success: Our Results Speak For Themselves

One of the key attributes of our firm is our extensive track record of achieving favorable settlements and successful case outcomes for our valued clients. We fully understand the substantial financial and emotional challenges that often accompany personal injuries. Our primary commitment is to secure the compensation essential to assist you on your path to rebuilding your life.


We represented a family who lost their mother when unsecured metal pipes fell off the back of a truck as it traveled on a major highway. The pipes struck our client in the head and she later died at the hospital from severe head injuries.


Our client suffered severe injuries when a poorly trained sanitation truck driver negligently backed over him. Through diligent discovery processes, we uncovered that the driver had failed to adhere to the company’s written policies and procedures on operating the truck in areas with pedestrian traffic.


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Pedestrian injuries are a tragedy that usually involves a driver being negligent. While we can’t restore your health or undo the pain you suffered, our attorneys are dedicated to helping you recover as quickly as possible. To learn more about your legal options, contact Seay/Felton LLC Trial Attorneys for a free consultation today.

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