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Rideshare Accidents in Atlanta, GA

If you are injured in an accident with a rideshare vehicle, you might face the same injuries as you would in a collision with a regular passenger vehicle.

However, the aftermath of a rideshare accident is not identical to that of a normal car accident. Car accidents typically involve two parties: you and another driver. Rideshare accidents also involve the rideshare company. And that makes all the difference.

A simple accident claim can quickly become a nightmare when a corporation gets involved. You are no longer dealing with one or two insurance representatives; instead, you are dealing with corporate lawyers. And they may have decades of experience protecting their bosses from financial liability.

This is bad enough when you suffer relatively modest injuries. But if you suffered catastrophic injuries, you could face insurmountable red tape that prevents you from getting the money you deserve.

Our law firm is dedicated to helping the people of Atlanta and surrounding communities get the compensation they deserve after catastrophic injuries. We aren’t intimidated by rideshare companies and are ready to pursue them for large awards. If you need help, contact our law firm today.

How Does Rideshare Responsibility Work?

Every rideshare company has different policies. However, the policies of the two largest rideshare companies (Uber and Lyft) are similar.

If a rideshare driver has a paying passenger in their car, the rideshare company insures the driver and is financially responsible for any accidents the driver causes. This applies both to passengers in the rideshare vehicle and anyone in a vehicle hit by a rideshare driver.

But what happens if the rideshare driver doesn’t have a passenger? There are two scenarios that determine the outcome:

  • Scenario 1: The rideshare driver has accepted an assignment and is driving to pick up a passenger. If this is the case, the rideshare company is still financially responsible for the accident, but the insurance policy that covers the accident may have a lower maximum payout.
  • Scenario 2: The driver is still on duty and looking for a passenger. However, they don’t currently have an assignment. In this case, the rideshare company takes no responsibility for the accident. Instead, the driver’s personal car insurance policy would pay for the damage they cause (up to the driver’s coverage limit).

How This Affects Your Case

These policies create two difficulties. The first difficulty is that the driver and the rideshare company may disagree about which party is responsible. And even though the rideshare company has digital records, ultimate responsibility could be hard to prove.

If both parties can offer strong evidence that the other party was at fault, you might find it impossible to get money. And the insurance companies won’t make it any easier. Some insurance providers will take any excuse to deny a claim.

The second difficulty is that large corporations like Uber or Lyft have lawyers and other employees who can afford to put in a lot more effort to contest your claim. The average insurance company might assign a single investigator to a crash. But a corporate insurer could assign several.

You need a law firm like Seay/Felton LLC Trial Lawyers. We have the experience and resources to fight corporate lawyers and insurance companies.

How Seay/Felton LLC Trial Lawyers Can Help

How can you feel confident that our law firm is ready to take on rideshare companies? It’s simple — just look at our record. We have recently obtained a $20 million settlement in a rideshare accident case.

Our legal team has over 50 years of combined experience and a unique approach to personal injury cases. We typically represent clients in catastrophic injury claims, even though these are some of the most difficult cases. We do this because we care about our Georgia community and want to help those most in need.

When we represent a client, we are passionate and dedicated advocates for their needs. We look for any approach that will support their case and don’t give up as long as we still see a path to winning the compensation they deserve.

While past results don’t guarantee future outcomes, we can assure you that we will swiftly assess your case, providing you with a potential value before you need to make any decisions. This assessment significantly enhances your chances of obtaining the compensation necessary for your recovery.

And best of all, if we can’t get you compensation for any reason, we will not charge you for our services.

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Contact Rideshare Accident Attorneys in Atlanta, GA, Today

While it may seem that rideshare companies like Uber are generous by maintaining $1 million insurance policies for drivers, this conceals how much work these companies do to avoid responsibility in rideshare accidents. Without the right attorney protecting your rights, you could end up in dire financial straits after a catastrophic accident.

At Seay/Felton LLC Trial Lawyers, we aren’t afraid to stand up to rideshare companies at the negotiating table — or take them to court, if that’s what’s needed to get results. Contact our law firm today to schedule a free consultation with a dedicated rideshare accident attorney.

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