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Motorists in Atlanta and the surrounding area are used to seeing large commercial trucks on roads and highways. Unfortunately, it’s also not uncommon to see these vehicles involved in wrecks with other motorists. Just as the driver of a passenger vehicle can commit an act of negligence that leads to a crash, so can a truck driver.

Whether the driver of the truck is an Atlanta city public works employee or a private commercial driver, collisions between passenger vehicles and heavy trucks happen with frightening regularity. Of the 2,640 vehicles involved in fatal wrecks in 2021, about 9.3 percent involved commercial vehicles, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

You and your loved ones can suffer severe, permanent injuries as a result of a Georgia truck accident. If you are in this situation, know you have a dedicated advocate and ally in Seay/Felton LLC Trial Lawyers. We are committed to your welfare and well-being — our resourceful and talented team of Georgia truck accident lawyers is here to help you recover the damages and compensation you deserve.

Top Causes of Georgia Truck Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents are frequently the result of negligence, and truck accidents in Georgia are no different. Drivers who do not exercise a reasonable amount of care endanger themselves and others on the road. The following behaviors can cause a truck accident:

Speeding and Ignoring Other Traffic Laws

Some truck companies incentivize their drivers to make deliveries as quickly as possible. Other drivers face disciplinary action if it takes too long to reach their destinations. And some truck drivers are aggressive motorists who do not think they need to follow the law.

Regardless of motivation, a trucker who does not follow the law is at an increased risk of causing a truck accident.

Driving Without Adequate Rest

Federal and state laws limit how long a trucker can be on duty. These rules were made to help ensure the driver is adequately rested before getting behind the wheel of their rig. Drivers who circumvent these rules or who drive even though they are tired may not have the judgment and reflexes necessary to avoid a crash.

Failing to Manage a Medical Condition

Unlike private drivers of passenger vehicles, commercial drivers must undergo periodic physicals. Any medical conditions that could jeopardize others’ safety must be adequately managed. Drivers who are diabetic or who forego routine medical screenings can suffer a sudden but foreseeable episode that makes them unable to drive their trucks safely.

Equipment Failures and Malfunctions

Commercial trucks accumulate hundreds of thousands of miles annually, putting considerable wear and tear on the tractor, trailers, and their components. These parts need regular inspection, maintenance, and replacement as they become worn.

Drivers and companies that put off this essential maintenance are creating an increased likelihood that their equipment will fail and lead to a wreck.

Uncovering the cause or causes of your Georgia truck accident is a crucial first step in identifying who owes you compensation for your injuries. At Seay/Felton LLC Trial Lawyers, our team’s decades of experience mean more than just knowing how to get to the bottom of your wreck quickly. We know the steps to take once the causes are identified to help you recover legal damages.

You have only a limited amount of time to pursue compensation for your injuries and losses, so contact Seay/Felton Trial Lawyers immediately.

Steps to Take Following a Georgia Truck Crash

A negligent truck driver has just hit you. While you are at the scene of the crash and before you have a chance to call your experienced truck accident lawyer, take the following steps to protect yourself:

  • Call 911 if you believe you or anyone else is severely hurt
  • Comply with reporting requirements by calling law enforcement if there is an injury, death, or extensive property damage
  • Cooperate with any law enforcement investigation but give only facts about the crash that you are convinced happened
  • Do not discuss fault or admit to making mistakes to either the truck driver or law enforcement
  • Rule out underlying or hidden injuries by getting a medical evaluation as quickly as you can from your doctor or the emergency room

Enlist a knowledgeable truck crash lawyer to help in filing a compensation claim. Do not settle your claim with any insurance company or trucking company without first discussing the matter with legal counsel. Hiring a lawyer helps ensure you receive the financial compensation you need and are entitled to receive.

Do Not Delay in Contacting Seay/Felton LLC Trial Lawyers

Your Georgia truck injury collision lawyer from Seay/Felton LLC Trial Lawyers is only a phone call away. With years of experience helping individuals hurt by large trucks in the Atlanta area, our firm’s knowledge and resources are ideally suited to help you recover damages quickly.

Call and speak with us at Seay/Felton LLC Trial Lawyers today.

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