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How long does a car accident settlement take?

Approximately 90% of personal injury cases are handled and resolved in court. The settlement process is usually faster and less expensive than a trial, and it provides victims with an easy way to get compensated.

Because of the numerous procedures that must be followed, settling a car accident case can take anywhere from 8 to 16 months. Because each car accident is unique, the time it takes to settle a car accident lawsuit varies depending on the facts and details of the case.

There is a lot of investigation to do, especially if there are serious injuries or property damage. The investigations conducted by both parties are the primary reason why car accident settlements take so long.

The Settlement Process

Both parties must have a car accident lawyer before the process can begin. The lawyer will tell you early on how valuable your accident claim is. During a consultation, the lawyer will be given all of the case’s details and facts, as well as all of the evidence required to begin the claims process.

Once the process of gathering facts and evidence is complete, the lawyers will contact the insurance company and begin fighting for your rights. The insurance adjuster will offer a settlement to the parties involved once you file your claim and the company that you are insured with has all of the documents for the damages and medical care bills.

Your car accident lawyer can negotiate for the compensation you deserve with the insurance company or insurance adjusters.

When Injuries Are Involved

A person who suffered injuries as a result of the accident should not have to deal with stressful calls with the insurance adjuster during the settlement negotiations. Insurance adjusters are known to manipulate people into believing they share fault or are responsible for the car accident and thus do not deserve much if any, compensation.

Your car accident attorney can fight for the monetary compensation you deserve. Your lawyer can pursue a well-deserved settlement using the evidence they collect, medical bills, and assistance from medical practitioners and experts who reconstruct accidents.

Because there will be some unexpected delays in the car accident settlement process, your lawyer will be unable to give you an average time frame for receiving a car accident settlement.

There may be many twists and turns along the way, especially if there are injuries and property damage in the car accident, but rest assured that your lawyers will do everything possible to ensure you receive full compensation.

Factors That Influence the Settlement Process

If the case lasts more than a few months, it could be due to a variety of factors. Some examples might be:

Establishing liability in an auto accident can be difficult; proving another’s negligence can be difficult, and if the fault is shared, the process can become even more complicated, especially in states that use comparative negligence, such as New York City.

If there were many eyewitnesses to the car accident and they agreed to provide statements, you or your personal injury lawyer will have to interview all of them. The process of collecting eyewitness statements may take months, and it may be difficult to coordinate with all of the witnesses.

If there are serious injuries, there may be personal injury claims, which may result in a personal injury lawsuit. The victims of the car accident will file a personal injury claim, and the accident lawyer will most likely refuse to settle the case while they are still receiving medical treatment; settlement will be reached once they have reached their maximum medical improvement.

Only after you have fully recovered will your medical expenses and future medical expenses be known, and you and your lawyer will know what to request as compensation and thus demand a fair settlement.

No-Fault System in New York

Car accidents in New York City are handled differently; regardless of who is at fault, you can still file a lawsuit.

Even if you are the at-fault driver, you can file a claim with your insurer for property damage or injuries. Every driver in a car accident in New York will work with their own insurance company.

The question of who is at fault will be moot unless one of the parties involved in the accident suffers economic losses in excess of $50000.

Medical records and lost expenses resulting from the injuries sustained in the vehicle accident will be used to calculate economic losses.

If your economic loss is less than $50000, you must deal with your insurance company until you receive fair compensation.

Insurance Companies Prolonging the Settlement Process

In some car accident cases, insurance companies are slow to settle; the more serious the accident, the longer it will take to settle the insurance claim.

During the investigation, insurance companies will try to use minor details against you in order to force you to accept an unfair settlement offer.

Final Step

The final step in the car accident claim is to receive a settlement check. Initially, you can expect the settlement check after at least 30 days of signing a settlement agreement, which will be followed by a settlement release form.

The check is sent to your personal injury lawyer, who will make sure the settlement check finds its way to you.

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